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Benefits of good domain


Well there are some great benefits of owning a good domain name. But lets see what are the benefits all around for owning a good domain name.

Lets say it can bring in type in traffic. Can be used to earn from domain parking.

Plus it can be useful from SEO point of view also if the domain itself have keywords.

Please list some others benefits for owning a good domain name.



Another possible benefit is if the domain name is brandable Wink



Owning a good domain name is just like the cell number you have ‘easy to remember’. It’s very effective if you choose keyword for selecting a domain. Fluency of the words does count in domain name.



As it was mentioned earlier, a good domain name can become a marketable brand name. Many people spread the word and you can get a source of advertisement from it.

Just the other day, I was telling my mom about amazon.com and we had a laugh because she caught herself asking what the website address for amazon.com was, when she had said it herself!



Benefit of owning a good domain is that we can resell it for good amount later on. Grin

Till it gets sold we can profit from its revenue.



Benefits of good domain is that it brings us lots of convenience

tomorrow is another day

dvd to iphone



Your customers could easily remember it and won't have to go through search engines to search for your website.
Purple Unicorns and fairy dusts!



I think that a good domain can help build trust as well!



Sometimes it just makes us feel really really good from inside and inspires us to work much harder on the project if the domain name is good one.



A good domain is also like a logo for a website. You could establish identity for a company through a domain name.


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