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Bodis drops many partners!


I got an email informing me that I had been dropped by the Bodis.com parking service. Not for fraud, but because my domains were not generating enough traffic or the right kind of traffic.

I just spent about 3 hours moving the domains I had with them. What a PAIN! What's worst is that while I could go into my account at Bodis, I could not access any of the costomazation that I did for the domains. So it has wasted hours and hours of my work.

There was no warning, just "We don't need you any more!".

I used to recommend them as a good option, but I won't be doing that any more...!


Yes got an email too. They should have sent an email earlier notifying that this is going to happen.

Who cares though. This was a total time waste. Many work hours or many domainers are down the drain. It would have been better if we had spent those hours into developing sites for our domains.


hey Guys.. How are you all...

Yes i know Its sad thing what bodis has done.. I got the same email of being kicked... Infact they have kicked 3000 accounts. And i didnt park single domain there... I just had an account without domains being added up...

But sad that you guys had been done so much stuff on ur domains.. But again i heard that now u can get into domain management and get ur content and stuff which u added up...

But really its a pain.. And thats the thing.. Bodis.com was 22 over hyped. yes they have worked hard and done lods of good things.. But Fraud really killed them...

Lets see how it gets.... So the old proverb remains intact..

OLD IS GOLD... lol...

Stick to where you where ;-)



It's good to hear from you again, how have you been...???

I have just over 300 domains now... :-)

So, I am GOLD, huh...? :-)


Hello Nielsen..

Im gr8.. and have been just 2 busy with this Domaining.. Im working and Developing portfolio and doing lods of things... And its gr8 u got now 300 domains ;-) ur catching me up.. u would overtake me ;-) it seems...

Good luck..

this days im Selling my domains.... and last few days im just busy selling ;-).. plannning to sell my whole portfolio of 50 domains ;-).. lets see..

and yes i missed this forum.. I use to come sometimes or the other and see whts going and should move ... And would try to be here more...

hope everythings going good for u


got the same email though after recieving 2 months of revenue from them, reason not much quality traffic, lol, now back to sedo

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