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Can I edit my domain name


Hi everyone. I bought a domain name from goDaddy and hosted it with them. I did not notice that I mistakenly typed the domain name as "wwwwmydomain.com", which ought to be " http://www.mydomain.com" (NOTE: I use "my domain" here just to explain the error I made with the actual used name). So it was at the point of publishing this website that I discovered the mistake, and this was because I got a "pop-up" message saying: 'we hit a snag publishing your website'. Although I was not told by goDaddy that my chosen domain occasioned this snag but this prompted me to check and find out the error I made while entering my domain during registration. Please I want to know if there is a solution to the whole mess up. Can they fix the problem for me? What's your advice ?



No, you cannot edit your domain name but you can purchase new domain name and redirect the old one. If your domain name is going to be expire soon then you can change your domain name but you cannot edit your domain name without paying to hosting provider.
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