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Difference between HTML 4 and HTML 5


Hello guys,

I m newbie here and in programming field also can anyone tell me difference between HTML 4 and HTML 5. Please reply me ASAP.

Thank you



The main objective of html 5 over 4 is error handling and making a defined standard which will help browser developers to overlook the deprecated attributes of html 4



You should check here for the full variation.


But there are new essentials and features of the element. A few objects are removed and the other has a different semantic value from the previous. API is also defined, such as the use of fabric, to help build the next generation of web applications and ensure that standardized implementation.



The primary objective of html 5 over 4 is error handling & making a defined standard that will help browser designers to overlook the deprecated attributes of html 4.



HTML 5 is attempting error handing and use to embedded developers whenever HTML 4 require some special plug-ins. HTML 5 provide standard element.



Html5 is best to give more interactive website for giving fast performance and results. It supports server scripting languages to work effectively.



HTML4 and HTML 5 are both HTML language versions. HTML 5 is latest version of HTML which is more compatible compare to HTML 4. There are lots of HTML 4 Tags removed in the HTML 5 version which are never used in web page designing and many new elements are added in HTML5. So, that makes a big difference between HTML 4 and 5. HTML 5 has few new elements like Article element, Canvas Element and Forum element.



In web development and designing HTML has played and it's plays a important role it's a foundation in web evolution, were to create a basic web site HTML is needed hence the different the HTML using which you can create basic websites, Using HTML5 you can create multi media and attractive web site in a easy way.

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Thank you everyone to reply me here. Your all comments are appreciable and informative. Keep replying and stay in touch here.



1.HTML4 supports the ‘tag soup’ i.e. the ability to inscribe malformed code and get them accurately on the document. But there are no written rules or guidelines for doing this. This implies that malformed documents are to be tested on various browsers.
2.To tackle this issue, HTML5 is being developed in such a way so that the developers need not waste their time and efforts in creating an error free web page.
3.Unlike its predecessor, HTML5 also includes many new tags and also new names for older tags with extra features like: local storage wherein a lot of information can be stored, JS-based hacks or Flash, validation form etc. so as to make the applications easy for the developers and speedier for the users.


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