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Do recent Google changes against keyword stuffing hurt SEO?


LOL. I have been watching Google since 1999, and even have one of the earliest Google towels as a gift for being an early AdWords advertiser to prove it. I keep a keen sense of humor and skepticism about Google's announcements…

It's a little like the war on drugs. People are out there doing all sorts of 'illegal' things in terms of drug use (sadly), and we have all sorts of draconian laws on the books against drugs and alcohol, even drunk driving. Periodically the authorities threaten a 'crackdown' or a 'get tough' stance, and then little actually changes.

To be the devil's advocate here, many of the recent Google changes such as Panda or Farmer updates have had little impact on my own websites or those of my clients. They seem to have impacted highly visible sites like eHow more severely. So I am not convinced that these changes were as much as Google touted them to be.

I think that Google has its work cut out for it in terms of battling hard core SEO websites. If you follow general basic SEO principles and don't go overboard - doing crazy things like buying links, I think you will do fine.


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