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Get paid to write articles


First you would need to contact them and find out if they accept unsolicited manuscripts. If they do, they will usually tell you the rate of pay (most often, it's per-word) and when they pay (usually on publication, which can be a few months). They should also be able to tell you what kind of material they want, how to submit manuscripts and photographs, and so on. From there it's a matter of writing a piece and submitting it.

You might have better luck writing for a local paper or regional magazine. If Guns & Ammo accepts unsolicited manuscripts, I imagine they get a fair number meaning you will have lots of competition.

The truth is that most freelancers regularly write for a number of different publications, often on a number of different subjects. Unless you can land a staff job or become a columnist or what they call a contributing editor, it's tough to make a living off of just one publication, even in the big leagues.

It's also tough to stand out in a crowd when every semi-literate vertebrate in the universe has a blog. I am not saying it's tough to be a better writer than they are, just that it's tough to get noticed.

The best bet is to look into a number of publications that are looking for material. Write a lot and submit stuff for publication (one note: NEVER submit the same piece to two publications simultaneously). It might take some time, no make that it will take some time, but perhaps you'll luck out and find an editor and an audience that like your style and are willing to pay for it. It can be done.


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