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HTML coding tools


Do you use tools like dreamweaver and frontpage to make your HTML pages? Or do you just code it as a programmer coding it out directly into HTML language? If you are using some other tools then also please mention them and its benefits.


I have an old copy of DreamWeaver 4 and use NotePad and NoteTab Pro a lot.

Why? Well, DreamWeaver is pretty much the "standard" for HTML editors that allow you to see most of what the page will look like as you work on it. FrontPage is a usable tool, but NOT a professional tool for the most part. DreamWeaver is pretty good, but the thing I like the most is that you can create site with a "template" that you can create yourself. What this allows you to do is have parts of the page that are the same for the entire site, and if you need to make a change, you can change the template and the changes are updated on all of the other pages. You can do the same kind of thing with "includes", but they can be cumbersom to work with on your PC.

I use NotePad for quick edits to the code. I can edit code in DW, but Notepad runs quicker. I also use NoteTab for somethings and it's an awesome programmer's editor. It has a ton of built in functions and you can create your own, although I had trouble doing that. The one function I use all the time is one that will sort and remove duplicates from a list.


Dreamweaver for me. I use it from last 3 years. As nielsencl said frontpage is a good one but to tell the truth I have never even seen frontpage in my life. It doesn't even matters if I see it in future or not. As I am right now satisfied with DW.

Notepad for the other things like coding php in it and making small changes like border and changing the CSS integration for some tags here and there.


I never do any design, I just make changes to templates I get off the web from places like oswd.org, so I don't need the wysiwyg stuff that dreamweaver and frontpage have. Wink

I keep trying different things, but keep coming back to crimsoneditor, it just works! Programmers notepad is okay as well. I can't stand dreamweaver! Big, slow, memory eating hog of a program! Gasp


I use Macromedia Dreamweaver 4 and Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 for all of my website needs. I cannot program or code without the help of outside software, so I cannot edit any pages in Notepad or anything without needing to make dozens of changes.

I didn't know that Macromedia Dreamweaver was that popular - especially the older Macromedia Dreamweaver 4. I have heard good things about the Microsoft FrontPage series, too, and I consider it average compared to the more expensive Macromedia Dreamweaver series.


I have not made any websites in a long time. Most of the time, my layouts are very simple and can be edited quickly in Notepad. I think that, in the future, I will have to use Microsoft FrontPage to get a better feel for the final result of the edits.

Luckily, it's a lot easier to edit blogs using their scripts and the like. Once you get it configured, you rarely need to change anything in the hard coding, right?


Forgot to add one thing. Most of you might have also seen it. When you buy a domain name with some registrars or buy a new web hosting for your site. We get free sitebuilder. It is just like an online WYSIWYG editor in most of the cases and in some cases it is a wizard that asks some questions and then shows us the final output. Can it also come in HTML tools - The online HTML coding tools.

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