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How often should we check our keyword rankings?


Hello members

In the former company I worked for, we check the rankings of the sites we handle every single day. Is this a really good practice or is once a week fine? Aren't we becoming too obsessed with rankings by checking it everyday?



is a simple and easy to use tool which helps you track rankings of your keywords in Google. You need to add your domain URLs, its keywords, set the number of search result pages in the preferences window to search and you’re good to go!


I do it manually everyday.But I hate it to check its each keyword everyday.I never used Google monitor. can anyone tell me Is its results are same as we check manually on particular search engine.


With the launch of Google Caffeine, now you can let your worries aside. It has the ability of updating minimum webpages which could help you in indexing. Has anyone experienced it lately?


Google Monitor will do just that.. .i guess there is a reason why your boss would let you do such a thing.. .anyways, it would be hardwork to monitor them every single day.. .good luck.. .


Once a month after the link building activities are done so that you can monitor if your keyword standing changes from last month.
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