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Importance of directory submission,


There are thousands of web directories which you can submit your website to. To find directories, you can enter the keyword "free website directory" or "directory lists". You can also visit directory sites such as Vile Silencer to find directories to submit your website. Delayed directory submission is recommended. Delayed directory submission means spreading the submission over a few months. It is not wise to submit your site to all the directories in one day. Webmasters make mistake by buying automated directory submission software. The purpose of buying the automated directory submission software is to submit their site to all the directories within a single click of a button. If you use automated software, the directories will ban your site. Moreover, the directory owner can implement Captcha code once it detect you are using software. The software cannot read Captcha code so the submission will fail. It is a waste of money and time to use automated directory submission software.
Directory submission allows you to get a lot of backlinks. When your site has a high amount of backlinks, you will get to rank on high position in the search engine. Backlinks is essential in ranking a website on the search engine. Without backlinks, your website will never appear in the search result. If your website is new, it needs backlinks before it can get indexed in the search engine. When submitting to directories, make sure you use a variety of titles and descriptions so that your listing will get indexed by the search engine. If you use the same titles and description, it will not indexed by the search engine because it knows the submission is performed by the same person. In order to make the submission look natural, you should vary the titles and descriptions for every 40 directories.



your post seems to be a very useful guide for newbies. Great job! Smile



Directory submission is one of the great methods which helps us to generate traffic for our website. Directory submission is an important element of making your website more approachable on the Net. Advantage of directory submits services from professional manual directories submission firm, improve ranking, easy indexing, save time and link building.



Directory submission is the way to generate traffic for our website. You can easily ranked well in search engine's. This is the simple way to increase ranking. There are three types of directory submission one way, two way and three way.



Directory Submission provide increased link popularity, increase visibility on search engines. By submitting to a directory in a specific category, so you can allow search engine to rank your site in a relevant subject. The main objective of directory submission is providing links to other sites.



shyna Wrote:Directory submission is the way to generate traffic for our website.

I dont think that web directories can give you traffics generally web directory submission use for additional backlinks and many links from there are ignored by search engines so we do manual directory submission to get additional support only. There are few web directories like DMOZ who can give you some positive results.




Very nice post I think Directory Submissions are really important in website marketing.



Directory submission is very important to get more traffic on your site and also to get more back link.




Directory link is a user access. Much earlier, the main source directory for network users to find websites on various topics. Today's search engine directory has ended, but it does not lose its importance. You can not expect too much traffic to clear from a directory submission.



Directory submission is very important not for traffic it is good for back links.
but try to submit high PR directories and also used relevant directory..


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