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LinkedIn and SEO - any connections?


LinkedIn is, of course, more of a social media site than one for SEO. That said, there are SEO tips for LinkedIn. First, optimize your LinkedIn profile to be 'public' and contain the sorts of SEO-friendly keywords that people would actually type into Google. Second, try to 'build links' to your profile - for instance, on your personal website or blog, make a link to your personal profile on LinkedIn that is around your keyword (usually your name and perhaps some of the 'keywords' about your skills'). If you Google, 'Jason McDonald SEO' you'll see my LinkedIn profile on Page 1, as an example.

Here are more SEO tips for LinkedIn profiles -

Does LinkedIn help SEO? LinkedIn groups? - Everything that is behind a registration wall on LinkedIn or Facebook is INVISIBLE to Google and can have no impact. But stuff that is publically available on LinkedIn can have an impact on SEO. Just watch for the NOFOLLOW attribute in LinkedIn links, etc.; these negate the link impact.
Can contacts of contacts see your connections in LinkedIn? - That is a really interesting question, and yes conceptually that would be a risk. If your salesman (PERSON A) is connected to a prospect (PERSON B) as well as to a competitor (PERSON C), then conceivably PERSON C can do a little research (e.g., research on LinkedIN vs. target keywords and see who PERSON A is connected to). LinkedIN DOES show this info.
Do links on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media sites help with SEO? - Yes, social media links probably do help. We aren't completely sure, but Google and Bing both are indexing social media content and paying attention to links. As for blogs, watch out for NO FOLLOW attributes, as that nullifies the Google PageRank value.



I know that there's a connection btn them but I didnt know these many things...nyways thanks for the info man


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