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Links Tournament.


Hello for the new month I would like to start a new competition.

How about link building for this forum nameslot.com??

Let me know your ideas. We will give prices to all of the poeple who participate and make atleast 10 links to us.

What should the price be. Let me also know about it.

Do you want Sites, Domains, Hosting, Money in Paypal. Big Grin

Please share your thoughts here.


I would like some cash. Maybe $10 ro $20...


a site is good for me, if you make this site big, then paypal money will just come in handy.Big Grin


Well I have already started to post links and am posting at full speed. For the paszt 2 months I have won the competitions. And maybe I will hit a hat trick. But My friend mann3r is also working hard. and he is right the site will be more suitable.


Okay then site.

What kind of site?
How much big?
Do you want an already earning site?
Do you want newly built site with your own logic?
Do you want hosting free with it?
Do you also want domain name with it?

Let me know. I will arrange for it.



okay then site.

yeah I think we will love it if you give us a nice site with a bit traffic with it. Big Grin

and if it has traffic then of course the domains will already been registered Big Grin


Any kind for me
Depends on how much you can give
This is much better, promotion will come in handy
I prefer above
Definitely, Or I am too greedyBig Grin
YES, how greedy i amRolleyes

Do I have to start now?
another thing admin, can you give me the description of your site and the text you would like to appear in other site?


mann3r <<< What a greedy person you are. Big Grin

Okay here you go:

Now for the directory submissions here is the info the above thing is just the copy-paste type of code.

Buy Sell & Talk Domains


Forum where you can buy, sell & talk about domain names. Free registrations, bonus tools and domain showcase.

community chat news appraise wanted auction brokerage sale travel vacation tip technique affiliate program link exchange directory submission parking list search engine


Nameslot Wrote:mann3r <<< What a greedy person you are. Big Grin
YES I AM Toungue lol, i am just starting to like this website things thus would like to start off a plug and play scenarioBig Grin

if others dont agree on my suggestion above then I am too greedy as specified and maybe I will change my username to GreedyPersonToungue


Well you are doing the right thing. After all you are online to earn something.

Let me know if you get started. And also drop me a PM if you have any kind of site in your mind.

I have many websites and they are getting traffic. I will give you one. (And hey please don't ask for nameslot.com as a gift. Big Grin)


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