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My domain picks (handregs, auctioned drops, sales)


My domain picks.
Some of them are nice drops still free to reg, others are listed in auctions for bargain prices, some have traffic, some have high CPC kw’s while having backlinks or atleast some traffic.

Price - REGFEE
- Alexa & SimilarWeb rank around 20M so it has some traffic (atleast 100+/month).
- Tons of backlinks, possibly valid PR1
- Even if it doesn’t look like high CPC domain, it’s obviously about “racism/discrimination” so you can cash out 30+$ CPC “antidiscrimination / racism lawyers” keyword.

Price – REGFEE
- Just nice simple domain for easy “linkdump” development.
- Alexa rank 5M, SimilarWeb rank 25M
- Decent amount of backlinks quicker ranking and some traffic for instant population with user submitted content.

Price – REGFEE
- 6M Alexa rank, 25M SimilarWeb rank
- Some backlinks, possibly valid PR2 (link checking tools lose track on really old backlinks).
- According to Archive.org, Nautilus is brand of Android tablets.

Price – REGFEE
- 50+$ CPC
- High quality niche relevant backlinks
- Easy to cash out on simple minisite with 10 pages of unique text.

Price – around 1300$ (3.5 Bitcoins)
This is nice domain I found on Bitcoin classified. Seller offers Bitcoin escrow.
- 43$ CPC keyword.
- Domain have valid PR3, has backlinks.
- Alexa rank around 16M (10-20 uip/day).

I think due to high CPC, this is decent purchase for 1300$ (I would appraise it at 5000+$). With valid PR3, this will get decent SE traffic once developed.
PersonalInjuryAlliance.com (without hyphens) is at SEDO at 9,700$ but have history or traffic at all.
NOTE: It is quite weird to see domain for Bitcoin escrow … but on other hand, I pay total up to 43% income tax + VAT on high profit items so I understand this seller.

Price – currently at 12$ BID & Godaddy TDNAM
- Valid PR3, shitload of backlinks
- (Archive.org) Really nice blog for luxury furniture
- Can be developed for high margin luxury furniture market. Possibly have high income visitors.
- Some traffic (Alexa 20M). Due to amount of HQ backlinks, this will grow fast once dveloped
Direct link (no affiliate)

Price - currently at 465$ BID & Godaddy TDNAM
- Expired luxury apharel, bags, paintings e-shop. Wealthy traffic!!!
- Valid PR5, shitload of backlinks
- Since 2008

Direct link (no affiliate)

Price – current bid 4000$ at Flippa
- In my opinion awesome domain for SEO friendly subdomains or folders like
com-domain.nameorder.com de-domain.nameorder.com
Worth much more if you have budget to develop it into serious project.

Price – 299$ - Warning, due to fishy last year domain usage by some domainer/speculator, PLEASE consider as many factors as possible before purchasing this domain.
- PR8? For 1 year it was owned by some domainer. So it’s possibly fake. Real PR according to amount of valid and relevant backlinks and their authority should be around PR3.
- There are tons of LQ backlinks too (huge asses and MBA literally goes to gather but not as keywords Big Grin )
- Due to amount of backlinks, even after 1 year of parking, it still have Alexa rank 3M and SimilarWeb rank 10M.
- High CPC - MBA !!!
- !!! Possibly sandboxed/penalized !!!. If ownership change and you redevelop it with proper content, you can easily drop sandbox/penalty @ GWT.

If you encounter these 2 domains, avoid them. These are high CPC keywords but don’t get fooled by their “history”.
Same registration year, same amout of LQ backlinks from same, totally unrelated sources, and both with possibly fake PR1.

Also avoid:
(possibly with other numbers).
All have exactly same Alexa rank and SimilarWeb rank. Obviously fake.


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