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Nameslot Posting Tournament


Hello to all the members of Nameslot.com

I am very happy to announce a new posting tournament for this month.

The winners will be decided at the end of 30 days.

The prizes that are to be won are as follows:

Hosting Account

There will be 3 people eligible for the 1st prize.
3 Hosting accounts. from http://www.proxiestoday.com
Hosting with No ads on it.
Unlimited Databases and Emails.
2GB Space.
100GB Bandwidth
no proxies, warez or illegal sites

Domain Name of your choice.

There will be 2 people eligible for the 2nd prize.
2 domain names of your choice from
Domains will be registered and pushed in your account by the sponsor.

SEO package.
1 SEO package from

Silver SEO package for the winner.
For boosting your existing sites with links and other onpage SEO techniques.

1 Arcade script from

Arcade script with 1300+ games.
Adsense integrated.
Winner will be given the script. [Installation not included]

Links Package.

1 Links package from
Get One way Pagerank links for your existing sites.
Permanent listings for lifetime.

In total we have 5 prizes and 8 people will be eligible for the prizes the competition post counts will be counted for all the posts that you make after this thread is live.

Please try and maintain the quality of your posts.


Additional Prizes Brought to you By:

2 Packages of Tiny Hosting: http://www.simplifyhosting.com/hosting/shared/linux.php

The additional prizes will be given to the runners up and people who make quality contribution during the competition.


hi nameslot,

thanks for your info,but i found the members and visiters reduce gradually.why?


oh...thats really cool!!
I will try and win it but please do tell us what are the rules and what exactly we have to do...or just we got to post is it??


The rules that apply for the specific category and the forums itself are in place.

Other then that there are no rules. You can post as much as you like Grin



wow this sounds great! I hope I'll one of those prizesSmile Goodluck to everyone!


About Fifth prize links package...
"Get One way Pagerank links for your existing sites."

The winner gets PERMANENT back links to *ALL* the domains they own at the time they win?


No winner gets permanent backlinks for 1 site. Whichever he or she wishes the links to be pointed to. With the choice of anchor text.

Yes some rules might apply that the people who are going to give this links from their sites might not link to the winners site if it is adult oriented or gambling sites. It totally depends on the link providing party.

There are more then one people who will be providing links.


hey...which are the sites which will give this link?


That will depend for more links on the people who are volunteering to give out the links. But one thing is for sure you are not getting less then 5 Medium to High PR links. If there are more volunteers which I know there will be in upcoming days that will be a bonus for the winner.


I understand.
everything has limits and rules.

just have to be real careful of that "all" word... usually runs into a dispute.

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