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Nameslot Posting Tournament


That is why the line says get links for your existing sites. I had to omit the "all" word from it Wink


More prizes coming up. I have recieved emails and PM's that people are willing to sponsor more prizes for this competition. Will wait for some hours and do an update for the thread.


Hello. I'd love to participate in this posting tournament.

Will this contest only reflect posters and posts within the starting and ending dates of the tournament? Is there any way to check a list of the top posters?

Thank you for the information. Good luck to everyone!


Hey, I Just recently joined this form! I'd love to partake in this event. It seems like a good opportunity to get to know other people. Well hey, my name is Kriz! Hehe, what's yours? Grin


Good to see more people taking part in the contest.

For the updates of the status of posting contest I will be updating the thread every 48 hours or so. With the top posters leading the contest and their respective posts.


Two new additions.

1) 2 tiny hosting packages from

2) Links for 2 persons from Domainstations [Nameslot Member]

Updating the original thread.


great to see that members are increasing and new contest is underway, hope winners to the contest will remain in the forum after the contest ended


thats great news that the prices are increasing!!

And the members are increasing as well!!


Yeah, i bet this whole thing is really improving the forum and the interaction between everybody is great. :] everyone's nice.


i think this is really going to be fun project for me. hoping to win somethings in end to make my website portfolio stronger.

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