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Nameslot Posting Tournament


hey...the contest ends today right or is it extended??


It ends tonight. But thought will end it after the 10th is over completely. So maybe I will post the stats tomorrow morning.



nick- 164 - Prize #1
Roogle - 141 - Prize #1
Chocokriz - 137 - Prize #1
pranavbhat - 121 - Prize #2
nielsencl - 101 - Prize #2
jayesh - 68 - Prize #3
jignesh - 64 - Prize #4
RCRiver - 58 - Prize #5

Here are the results. If someone doesn't wants to claim a prize then he can let me know and I will not send his email address but an email address of someone else who deserves the prize but could not get one due to posts numbers.

I will send the emails to the sponsor today evening with the email addresses of yours that are listed here on nameslot.com

Once you get the prize please post a confirmation on this thread. Thanks.



Congrats everyone, and thanks for the prize Nameslot! Grin


Congrats Winners. Hope we can have a new tournamentSmile


oh...so i won a domain.
That means i got to think of one!!

Any suggestions guys???


RCRiver Wrote:Congrats everyone, and thanks for the prize Nameslot! Grin
You are welcome. Thanks to all of you who took part in it.
Yes people are already willing to give new prizes. But even running a small contest is lot of work. As soon as we have confirmation from our winners for their prizes we can start a new one.
If you have some keyword in mind I can generate available domain names and send the list to you in PM. I have a software for it. Thanks.


i have won a domain, so can i register a .in domain or does this have to be a .com/.net/.org tld
please tell me!!



Humm... so I get 3rd price Grin and it's a SEO package. Can I know in details what are you doing in SEO package for my site? Please PM me. Smile

By the way Congrats all the Winners.


thanks for the prizes.. and congratulation to all the winners..

take care

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