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Question To Namedrive


Hello Lucas,

I would like 2 know few things from you...

I have been into domainparking from quiet a long.. Have came accross many things.. But there are few things which always make me surprised..

What im trying to ask you here is... You Namedrive Have Google Feeds, Domain Sponsor Uses the same google feeds, as well as Sedo..

Now the question is why is there so much of difference in CPC with all this 3 companies.. being ur feed provider the same. I had used Sedo and there CPC is worst...... Have tried namedrive with few domains and its ok ok for me....

And i have been keeping my domains with Domainsponsor.. where i see the highest PPC. Now the thing is if i got a single domain and @ sedo i got 20 cents, @ namedrive 30 cents and @ domainsponsor 35 to 40 cents a click.... If that much difference is there then its ok.. i could consider it........

But i see a huge difference.. Sedo pays 20 cents.. with same domain namedrive pays $1+ and with same domain Domainsponsor is paying $2 to $5 a click.. I know some domains perfom well @ some parking programs..

But still i just wonder if u people are using same Feeds.. why is there so much of difference. If the feeds where different i could say ok its fine...... but with same Feeds and so much of difference.. i mean its hard to believe..

Its not just one or 2 domains.. i have tried around 20 to 25 domains of mine.. and 90% of the time i got DS ahead of all, And 10% namedrive. Sedo is not even 0.1% ..

Still i understand some parking providers pay high % than others.. but only 1 thing that makes me screw up is why is there so much of difference..

I hope you got my question..

Thank you if you could explain Smile


Hi Sohil,

It's a good question, and I can only really give you a vague answer. Basically, we all have unique systems and different contracts with Google which allows us to monetize traffic differently. The amount of traffic being monetized by any company, along with the geographic location of visitors, the number of clicks, etc all go into why one company pays more or why one particular click was worth more than another click on the exact same page on the exact same ad.

So I guess the short version is that there are just way too many metrics in Google's system--that interact with the different way ND is set up as compared to Sedo--to really give a concise answer to your question. I can say that ND is planning on rolling out some new features which are pretty exciting and will I think improve the way we do business.

Hope this helps. If you have any other questions about this just let me know.


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