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Question about Aged Expired Domain 302 Redirect



I'm not sure if this is being posed in the correct place - if not feel free to move it to where it belongs

I found a domain in my niche for a PBN I have. It's 15 years old, not bad PA and DA with 10 links from relevant directories and other relevant sites in the niche. I can pick it up for reg price since it was dropped 200+ ago. All links thoroughly checked in Spyglass.

All links check and no spam anywhere to be seen. But when i go check it out on Archive.org it shows a 302 redirect from 2011 to 2014 when it was only crawled by Archive.org twice, so can't see what the site looked like then. However, when I go further back from 2000 to end of 2010 the site looks fine and I can even see the picture of the old lady who owned it. LOL

When I do a site:domain search it doesn't show up anywhere in search.

In light of the above my question for any experts is:

is the domain worth it?
is the 302 redirect from 2011 to 2014 something to be concerned about in terms of it being used by a spammer before?
is the fact that site:domain search comes up empty?
if a domain was dropped so long ago is it normal for it to come up empty when doing a site:domain search

Any thoughts?



302 is temporary redirecting. it won't pass the link juice. it's the reason that blank results of site:xxx.com on Google.

if you are in the same niche of the dropped domain, and the external links of the domain is existing really, it's worth to get it at the reg price IMO.

just 301 the domain to your major site.


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