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Suggestions & Feedback for Nameslot.com Forum


Problem with PMs. Posting and starting new threads.


I have just started coding the auto lock thing. Which will help in auto locking an old thread which has no replies from 3 months.

From the SEO point of view this will help us a lot to maintain stable pages and will not allow some people to bump the old threads.



PHP Code:
$locktime $curtime 7776000//7776000 seconds in 3 months.
//closed = 'yes' where lastpost < '$locktime'




I noticed that Adsense code is display publically. Can you hide that code?


Humm.... yeah a good suggestion friend.

Will code it out right now. Thanks.


Adsense code in profile fixed. It is now not being displayed in the Profile of the users.


Quick login still not fixed


Checking that one too.



Quick login done Smile Enjoy Smile


Nameslot Wrote:Quick login done Smile Enjoy Smile
not yet, it seems it is not fixed

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