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Suggestions & Feedback for Nameslot.com Forum


I suggest a "Websites for sale" section, how about that? Wink


Sure friend. We have the domains for sale section right now. You can post the site there and mention that it is a developed website.

As soon as we have more then 20 threads in the domains for sales section I will make a new category and move the threads over there.


k. Also, a NS$ exchange for $$$ and a $$$ for NS$ exchange, similar to NP. A bank exchange. Just an idea, maybe future implementation.


Yes I have that in mind. But need a secure bank here. Or someone will generate the NS$'s and clean out the paypal.

So testing it heavily under the conditions.


Just changed the header image and the layout on the top to make some space for a 468x60 pixels. I think we will be rotating some nice banners over there.

How does it looks now? Please give me your suggestions.


Very cool, I enjoy posting here! Glad to see you guys are also getting a more active community! Congrats and keep up the good work!


Today's Update. Added Adsense block in the footer of the Forums and the Threads.

Minimum characters for a post or a new thread are now 200 in past it was 0.

So now whenever someone tries to make a post like
"LOL" or "Oops" or "Hey" It will not be allowed by the system itself.

I hope this will help us to maintain the quality of our forums.


The threshold is of now 50 characters and have even changed the category icons.

Thought would look more lively then the one we were using.

But still I have them in backup. Grin


There were more then 7000 pages indexed in google

All with Post: #1 and Post #2 etc.

Searched for 2 hours in the code and fixed it. Now it does shows the post number but as a link that has no follow attribute.

And removed the "Post:" at the beginning of it.

More relevancy now Grin Better results.


I'm not sure I saw the same thing you did. All the listing titles and descriptions in Google looked very good. However, those of us that care should try making even better Thread/post titles with keywords. I think that will help.

I did see the "post #", but it was in the description and since I didn't search for anything but all of the pages in the Google index, I would not worry about that.

What I DID see that I would change, is the description and keywords tags:

Quote:<.title>A list of social bookmarking sites</title>

<.meta name="KEYWORDS" content="Buy, Sell & Talk Domains - Nameslot.com - Domain Name Forums" />

<.meta name="DESCRIPTION" content="B
uy, Sell & Talk Domains - Nameslot.com - Domain Name Forums" />
I would see where those tags are and try to put some of the post content there if you can. Like the first 100-250 chars of the message for the description.

And perhaps take the title, find the words by looking for spaces, and then dropping any words that are less than 4 characters and use what is left for keywords seperated with commas. :-)

If you decide to do this I would like to get a copy of the changes. I'm thinking about setting up a forum in the future and would like to have that modification...

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