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Suggestions & Feedback for Nameslot.com Forum


Ah, okay, that makes sense. My fiancee seems to have fixed the routers, so there aren't any submission errors today.


I was reading another topic at pranavbhat suggested that we have something like an eBay rating system.

Digital Point Forums has an iTrader system in which people who have made transactions on the forums are praised or criticised in a style similar to eBay. We may be too small for a grandiose system, but maybe a section in the profile to leave notes or something might be good in the future?

Just thought I would leave a note about it. Thank you.


Roogle, what you mean is the Rep Points? Yeah that's nice and I think it can be enable in a forum.


It is something like that, but it is reserved only for transactions of some kind. I think it's called the iTrader plugin for vBulletin, so other forums software may have a similar approach - but it's not reputation based on "Oh, nice post, have some reputation!"


Rep points system we already have. about the iTrader ratings I will get it working sometime in this week. I will have to code it myself as no plugin would ever work even if it is made for MyBB on our board.

I have changed 80% of the code on this board Grin

The first page which normally gets more hits used 15 queries. Right now it is using 7 queries but the output is same. So I will check it out and integrate the Trader rating kind of thing into the system.

Thanks for suggesting it.


Okay the Trader Rating system is on. I am still coding it but right now you can see it on your profile page.

I am also thinking to let it be on profile page as I don't want to disturb the already indexed pages.

In past also I had to code many modifications to remove the repeating thing like Join Date: Sep 2006 Join Date: Dec 2006 Join Date Blah Blah and Blah.

Was also tired of seeing Online Offline Online Online Offline status of members getting indexed in the search engines and ruining the onpage weight of the keywords.

So this Trader rating if added in the postbit will again ruin all the things that is why I am thinking to let it be on profile page of an individual.


Installed Youtube BBCode for Youtube Integration

An EXAMPLE would be something like


Just upgraded it after 10 years or so.

Quite a long time.

Anyway PM me any errors if you see Smile


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