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Traditional marketing and e-marketing, is there a difference?


Traditional marketing and e-marketing, is there a difference?

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Marketing in the past

There is a belief among many marketers and businesses that the science of marketing management has emerged in the fifties of the last century, while the reality is that marketing began at the beginning of this century in what is known in marketing Scientific Scientific Marketing, has been marketing at the time, called the transfer of commodity process from production sites to consumption sites.
As is the case in various administrative aspects; over the marketing of many of the different stages and changed its principles and fundamentals by surrounding the business world first-class conditions, competition, for example, had a big role in changing a lot of ideas to pour in the end the consumer's interest, I do not want to dwell speak detailed about multiple stages undergone by the marketing because this is not the focus of our topic here, but I will mention a simple overview on the development of this area.
Several trends for marketing or what is known in English as Marketing Orientations appeared, was the beginning with what was known to go to production, which was a commercial entities attention it focused on the production of large quantities of each commodity in order to reduce costs to a minimum, has been commonly used in the production companies, The disadvantage of this approach is to ignore the full corporate consumer desires and needs.
The subsequent trend knew to go to the product, and at this stage it is producing quality goods balanced costs, but this approach also omitted the requirements and needs of the consumer, and the idea behind this approach to high-quality products are shopping for themselves and consumers are willing to receive it.
This was followed by what was known to go to sell. After that companies focused on the production need arises then to focus on the sale of existing products, but this increased interest in sales and began competition increases between commercial entities in an attempt to target the largest number of customers, all in the absence of attention to the actual needs to the consumer.
We note that the previous three trends are all agreed to ignore the needs and desires of the consumer, was the focus at each stage to a certain point unrelated to the study of those needs, so the need for change emerged arose subsequent trends and which formed the modern marketing.

Modern Marketing

When the market was monopolized by certain companies can those companies the consumer to ignore, and which will be forced often to buy the products may not meet its need to fully due to lack of alternatives or scarcity, but with increasing competition companies interested in consumer and needs began and became the party previously dismissive is marketing process axis, appeared when it is known to go to marketing, it is first start and foremost study of consumer requirements and different desires to be after that produce goods or provide services designed to satisfy those needs and desires, and this principle is the basis of the marketing process at the present time.
Developments have taken place on this trend emerged what is known as marketing relationships, where the focus is on building long-term relationships with customers and suppliers, because the marketers have realized that building relationships of this kind helps to a deeper understanding of customer needs in the long term, and also for its importance in increasing sales ; where that maintaining the current and constantly selling them cheaper customers five times to get new customers as marketing experts say.
After that he appeared so-called social marketing, instead of focusing on the needs of individuals, are in addition to the consideration to the needs of society as a whole and taken into consideration.
After viewing a simple overview of the different stages through which the marketing department, now we can look at the definition of modern marketing, and marketing management Cannon knows that define and predict the needs of customers and then satisfy these needs effective and profitable manner.
It is clear to us that the definition of marketing is interested in studying the needs and satisfy the desires of customers optimally, and more importantly, that is all that can be the business of making a profit which is the basis of the business process.

The difference between traditional marketing and e-marketing

Having reviewed a brief overview about the marketing and the various stages of its development, we move on to talk about the difference between traditional marketing and e-marketing. Kttor inevitable to use the World Wide Web for commercial goals since the beginning of the nineties of the last century; the back of the term-mail marketing, which has evolved slowly over time.
Chaffey-mail marketing is defined as activities that aim to reach the goals of marketing through the use of digital technologies.
Of the definition is clear to us that there is no difference or a real difference between traditional marketing and e-marketing in general principles and frameworks, but the difference is in the means different marketing tools and used in all kind of them, marketing in general, whether traditionally or electronically aims to provide products and services satisfy the desires and needs of the consumer, with a focus on building long-term relationships, in addition to the practice of various marketing functions and the use of the marketing mix, which I did not talk about them in this article so as not to be distracting the reader, if the difference is only in the marketing tools.
If we look to advertise a small part of the marketing functions and is not the whole marketing as some people think, we find that the advertising tools used in traditional marketing differ with him in the mail, Vaalanat paper newspapers and television advertising and signage in all the streets examples of advertising tools used in traditional marketing, while Bnrat sites and YouTube ads and search ads and the like engines are examples of common advertising tools used in e-marketing.
In short, we can say, one marketing, whether traditionally or electronically, but some people confuse marketing and marketing tools and then governs the existence of differences between the two, however, true that the general objectives and frameworks, and one in each goal is to always study the wishes of the consumer's needs and then provide commensurate with these desires with a focus on building long-term relationships and make a profit.


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