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What are paid results




(11-30-2017, 10:20 PM)pareekveena4 Wrote: Hello friends,

What are paid results....?

Hi Preekveena4, paid results are money-backed ads example of these are Google Ads and Bing Ads. You can also do ads in social media sites too like in Facebook and Twitter. I'm into online business and I use FB ads to increase my conversion rate. Managing multiple ads in FB is tedious at times and I am lucky to find a helpful tool to make my work easier. I use an Ad Manager from this website (https://admanager.metrixa.com/). What I love about the tool is it is free and I can do edits even if I am online. I highly recommend this one.
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Paid results means Adword. Google is providing PPC campaign and give you appropriate result on basis of you campaign keywords and targeting users. Its call paid result.

I seen often that paid results have less CTR then organic result.



Paid results are basically advertisements — the Web site owners have paid to have their Web pages display for certain keywords, so these listings show up when someone runs a search query containing those keywords.


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