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What are the benefits of walking?


Here the benefit of walking:

Walking lowers cholesterol, which can damage the heart.
A higher percentage of fat burned
Increase Health Fitness
Increases energy levels
Decrease health risks
To help overcome depression.
Contributing to the fight against AIDS and relaxation.
It will help to come up for the sleepless nights.
Helps increase the body activity and provides flexibility.
Help mitigate the body.



The benefits of walking :

- Walking is the best exercise for losing weight
- Walking prevents type 2 diabetes
- Walking is good for your brain
- Walking is good for your bones
- Walking reduces the risk of breast and colon cancer
- Walking improves fitness
- Waling reduce high cholesterol



The benefits of walking:

1. Weight management:
2. Control of blood pressure:
3. Lowers the risk of a stroke:
4. Reduces level of ‘bad’ cholesterol:
5. Control of diabetes:



Walking is a very Good Exercise and it's Benefits are: They Control of blood pressure, good for brain, good for bones, It Reduces the risk of breast and colon cancer, Increase Health Fitness and Increases energy levels.



Benefits of walking:

Preventing Osteoporosis..
Control weight.
Really Burns out your calories.
Preventing from the diabetes .
Preventing from the stroke.



Walking is the best exercise. Walking has so many benefits. Walking lowers cholesterol, which can damage the heart. Walking on the green grass in the early morning improves your eye sight.



Waking is best Exercise for health. Walkers have minimum incidence of heart disease, stroke, cancer,diabetes and other dangerous diseases. Walking is also helpful in weight loss. Walking Control of blood pressure.



walking is best exercise for the age 50 above.
jogging is best exercise for the age 30 above.
running is best exercise for the age 7  above.
these are my suggestions not the doctors.



Benefits of walking include improved physical and mental health, fitness, and weight loss.



The good things about the walking is that control your weight,improves your digestive system and it's control out your blood pressure....


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