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What is your opinion of Taurus handguns? Are they worth the money?


Well, some are better than others. Most Taurus revolvers are based on copies of the S&W action, and most Taurus semi-autos are copies of various Beretta actions. Personally, I don't usually have a lot of respect for products which are cheaper copies of something else. Years ago I would have classified Taurus guns as "junk," but that is not necessarily true today. I think some of their revolvers are actually better made than the equivalent S&W models they are derived from--a sad comment on the state of the contemporary S&W product. So, I guess the answer to your question is that in many cases I would say Taurus guns are worth the money, but I do believe that a higher quality gun, like a Colt revolver or genuine Beretta semi-auto, is better VALUE for the money, even though they cost more.

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