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Where can I purchase a new domain name.?


If you already have hosting then I would recommend you to buy domain from there only. But if you are buying one for first time then godaddy is also good and you will get domain free with hosting.



Bigrock is one of the best domain registrars in India. Check out the best domain registrars at: http://www.domainregistration.hostingcharges.in



This the the main source for getting visitors to our business, for choosing domain there are many services are available. It's better to prefer godaddy!



Theshimla Wrote:Hi.
Everyone please help me about can i purchase the new domain. Choosing the best domain name for DJ websites.

I share my tips about how to choose the domain name.

Doís and Doníts - Do :

Choose a domain name that is catchy.
Keep the domain name short. Short domain names with 4-12 characters .
Try using your core keyword in your domain name. This will help your website rank better
Always take a .com extension. They are popular and easy to remember
Know the amount you would want to spend on the domain name


Never choose a domain name which is too complicated and difficult to remember.
Do not use multiple keywords in your domain name.
When you buy a old domain name, donít forget to check its age and rank on Google
Donít choose an extension that would sound odd in your country

Additional tips:

If the particular name not available in .com extension,you can go for .org or .net.Otherwise if you need .com only

better search for different name with same extension..com is common extension.It is suitable for all type of

websites.It is universal extension too.It is for commercial websites..net is for networking based websites.

.org is suitable for organization websites.

.Info is suitable for information sites.

.Edu is suitable for educational websites.

.Biz is suitable for business websites.

You can follow these factors and register the domain name for cheap cost at 9CubeHosting.com



Free domain search is one of the unique websites where people can purchase a domain name for free. This website is for checking the availability of a particular domain name you are searching for. Visit http://www.smartdomainsearch.in/ for more information



One of the first things a new blogger has to do is choose a right domain name. Smart domain search is one of the unique websites where people can purchase a domain name for free. This website is for checking the availability of a particular domain name you are searching for.

Easy Domain name search in India - http://www.smartdomainsearch.in/



There are so many companies provides domain names.some best are



Here i found cheapest price on domains and there renewal price is also same as first year. netlynx.com and hostgator



You can buy domains from any ICANN accredited domain registrar, some of them are bigrock, hostgator, Netlynx.com



Generic top-level domains (gTLD) donít have a geographic or country designation. That is, they are not targeted to any country or location. They are neutral. For example, .com, .org, .net, .info etc.
While, country code top-level domains (ccTLD) have geographic or country designation. That means, a ccTLD is targeted to a particular country or region. For example, .us, .in, .fr, .de, .uk, .au etc.
So, ideally, if you want to target a particular region or country, you should go with ccTLD. Else go with gTLD.
you can buy domains from any ICANN accredited registrar like http://netlynx.com , hostgator, bigrock are the trusted domain name provider, you can buy from them.


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