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Why is google famous search engine?


Everyone know that Google is a world famous search engine but there is a question why is Google very famous search engine? If you know about it please reply me.


When I searched this question in Google, this is what I got. “Google quickly became the most used search engine on the web due to its accurate results and a massive index (over 1 billion pages)”.


because Google is the best and powerful search engine. its the best.


There are so many reasons of it. It release new features day by day as well as each and its applications are very unique and useful for daily days like google earth, google map and google chat and many more.


Because Google gives the accurate results about a particular search term to a search user.


As we all know that Google is very user friendly platform and it can use all most all ordinary and business persons also.Its very suitable for every one to use.And it will give your the best potential and very quick results for your search and it has so many best tools and applications for our daily use.


The results are highly relevant because of Google’s sophisticated ranking algorithm, which factors in how many links a page has pointing towards it, which should mean that they’ve been found by others to be good resources. Another great thing about Google is that it is designed for all-out speed. Your results appear within a second and the site’s focus never wanes towards being a portal or any of that rubbish. Google is easily the most important search engine to get listed in


Hi, i think too many reasons! Why you not create search engine like Google?


Google is one of the best and my favourite search engine. It has provide so many features and tools which you can use very easily and search very quickly. If you have any query so it will give you desired result.


Google Search engine is famous because it always provide accurate result and is king of all search engine .....

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