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benefits of seo?


Hi.... guys i'm asking the most important question. what's the benefits of search engine optimization.

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Here are some benefits of seo like:
1.SEO results in increased targeted traffic to your website
2.SEO helps you gain competitive advantage
3.SEO provides continuous online visibility
4.SEO helps create brand identity
5.SEO creates better search engine positioning
6.SEO is the cheapest marketing tool even on the net
7.SEO boosts product sales and online visibility



with use of seo we are make a targeted product.................or increased the sale,,,,,,,,

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It helps in getting your website higher ranks among search engines.



Increased visibility, cost effectiveness and accessibility leads to the higher sales.



SEO website marketing is one of the most sought after internet marketing services. Search engine optimization or SEO marketing can help your website generate more clicks and leads through search engines directly.



Followings are the benefits of SEO:
-Increased Targeted Traffic
-Increased visibility
-Long term positioning of websites
-Measurable results



An efficient SEO campaign has lots of benefits:

1. Gain top ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages).
2. Improve online visibility.
3. Step ahead towards brand making.
4. Increase inbound links from lots of sites through directory submissions.
5. Blog, RSS, Articles will also result in indirect traffic, inbound links.
6. Quality content will also bring lots of visitors.
7. Will be one among the competitive market.



1.Return on Investment
2.Controlled Costs
3.Targeted Traffic
4.Site Usability
5.Increased Visibility
6.Increased Revenue



I think SEO is the most important matter.


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