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good domain


The importance of a good domain name
1.Make it Memorable
2.Domain Branding
3.Take me Seriously
4.Don't Leave It too Late



I share my suggestion about what is domain name and how to choose good domain name.For making website domain name is very important.Without domain name you cannot identify the website easily.
A domain name is the name of a site (i.e. Neopets.com or sitnamehere.co.nr) and some are free but others cost money.If you want to use a .com thing it will cost money,but you can get a free .co.nr site at freedomain.co.nr . You can also get one at freewebs.com but it's not really a domain it's just a little thing you are putting on freewebs really .But paid domain name is professional for every business or personal site.You can register domain name minimum 1 year and maximum 10 years.

Before registering domain name you can follow the tips below:

1)you can select a Domain name that suits for your website.
2)Reduce more Hypens
3)It's best if it will be short and easy to remember for everyone .
4)Try to register with .com if the .com is not available you can go for .net,.org etc.If your site is organization site you can register with .org, if .com not available.
If your website networking related site you can register with .net extension. and so on.
5)Register your domain with Good provider.

To register domain name you can visit the site 9cubehosting.com here you can first check availability for name which you want to register.If the domain name is available you can register it.If the domain name is not available for registration,you can register with alternative extension with same name or with alternative name with same extension.



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Hurry before it's too late to get the domain name you want. Stop looking around at other domain sites that create a hole in your pocket, instead come to us. At NamelyWeb we have the best prices and right now with coupon code: IAMCHEAP you can get your domain name TODAY for as low as 2.99$ WOW cheap. Hurry on over to http://namelyweb.com/ before your name is gone.



Anything other than com or net or org looks cheap. And apart from that, numbers as domain name beat any word. Try tell your domain name to a Chinese over the phone. That works with numbers but not with English letters. Numbers are the only true international language.



Com extension is basically the first one so that’s why it’s so popular and most people feel really comfortable with this and to be honest it looks good too while when it comes to others they give you feel of been cheap. I love to have .Com domain from GoDaddy since at the moment I only need to pay 99 cents with “99WORD” promo code so this is fantastic deal for me or anyone who prefer to have domain!



In most of the cases, .com is the greatest choice. This is because the “.com” is the standard and most simple. For different types of domain names you can visit the site http://www.nameb.com.



We also need to look at the Search Engine Optimization section to see the search queries visitors used to find your site.

According to me Pappupedia.com is best domain.



Should be from any hot needed niche: insurance, pharmaceutical, auto, voip, internet.


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