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.net, .info domains effective in marking?


Hello friends,

I'm in little confusion all of you know parking traffic comes directly right. So people type the domain name in browser and mostly type .coms right. I have to know I have park my domains but not .coms only .net and .info then I get traffic?

I will get visitors on my .info or .net domain names?



Then in most cases only established links might help you.

I can understand your concern and thus I would have to say that sometimes the .com is good for parking.



One of my best domains for parked traffic is a .info that I bought used. I don't know if the traffic is from typein or links, but I get visitors and some good clicks from it.

Others vary quite a bit, but I think the .coms tend to get the most, as you would expect.

You should park them for a month or two and see how they do. Then the ones that are not working I would move to a different parking service and try again. (That's Sohil's advice.) :-)


I think in domain parking 99% traffic from typing traffic. Parking companies don't allow marketing of your domain name and you do this then they going to close you account.

So I'm worried about this if people type .info TLD or .net TLD with domain name. Embarrassed

So in short there is no mining to park .info and .net TLD domain names right?


.com domains are not the only ones that get type in traffic, or traffic from search engines or other links. But it is less than what .coms get.

And some parking companies do allow you to run PPC campaigns or do some things to promote your parked domains. You have to check with the parking companies, but the ones that allow you to do some things just don't want any bad traffic sent to the domain.

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