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New Moderators Needed - Nameslot - 04-04-2013


Welcome to

We are a domain name/webmastering forum from last 7 years. We try to be different from every other forum as much as possible.

We also try to keep things calm and just share tips over here, but then as tie goes by the people who were and still are the pillars of this forum have to move on with their own issues.

I wish them all my best and as I said I am always there if you need a real friend.

Anyway back to the point. We require 3 moderators as take place of our original staff as they have their own lives and they have the right to move on with their lives.

All moderator applications can be PMed to me. Please do mention your real name and your background about domain names or moderation.

Moderators will get the moderators perks and other related privileges.