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$50 Myspace Layout Design Contest - offthedome - 05-01-2007


Here's a condensed version of the rules. The full rules can be found at

1. Prize: $50 to the best layout, chosen by me. Payment sent by Paypal or regular mail. If by mail, I'll cover up to $5.00 of delivery fees. Other options will be considered, but I reserve the right to reject them, so make sure you can accept one of the two if you want to win.

2. Eligibility: Everyone except me.

3. Entries: Unlimited number of entries are allowed. Just don't resubmit the same one over and over again.

How to enter:
a. Right on the page:
b. Downloading a textfile at and emailing it to
Unlike most layout contests, stuff isn't going to be posted directly into this thread. So if you make an entry, post here saying you did.

4. Rating criteria: My own opinion on which is best. No other criteria.

5. When this contest will end: Contest will end at 11:59pm precisely 30 days after 100 layouts are submitted. My goal is to get many unique layouts, so only three per entrant will be counted in this "at least 100" mark.

If something crazy happens, like I get overwhelmed with entries or spam, then I'll end or suspend the contest early. If I can't restart the contest, I'll pick a winner out of entries that have already been submitted.

6. General conditions: The purpose of running the contest is to get layouts for me to redistribute on my myspace editor site, so some simple requirements will be in order.
a. Not allowed to use images or code that can't be freely redistributed, because I need to redistribute them.
b. Repeating, Not allowed to use images that can't be freely redistributed by me.
c. If someone enters the contest, they have to agree to allow me full rights and ownership to the code created, including rights to redistribute and modify code in any way.
d. Not allowed to redistribute layout once entry has been entered. I don't want to give out the same layouts that some other site is giving out.