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How to raise your site's ranking in search results and raise the PR? Blogs publicity - mahmoudads - 11-02-2015

My dear brothers, to you this beautiful and useful article
The article understand us how to raise and arrange our sites and our blogs in the search engines and what are the means of raising Alipidj Rank to our sites and our blogs:
1. not be your site is contrary to Islamic law does not contain any pornographic materials or pay the Arab and Muslim society into the abyss or lead to divisions or subversive material.

2. excellence and monopolize all others and dimension cry from the tradition and theft of others.

3. ensure the good design of the site and the use of appropriate colors that do not strain the eye and that all the site pages be harmonious with each other.
4. I make sure my brother Karim Ali to be attractive visiting your site and get the attention of the visit to come back again to your site.

5. continuous updating of the site and not to leave the site without renovation for days and weeks because the visitor If you do not find your site in a new day, why visit you tomorrow.
6. Make sure each of your posts and your articles on that there are links to similar themes in your site so that they raise the number of internal links to your site and be a network of internal links.
Put your site in the largest possible number of evidence and other sites
- Tried in every way to collect the largest possible number of external links by adding your site in the evidence, and also then type threads Ultimate in forums and signed link your site to write comments on the topics and the same in blogs and private Blogger because it allows the signing of a link website or blog.

- Be sure to exchange ads and links between you and the you-like sites.

- Work mailing lists to send a new site to them and you should try to be the desire of visitors and not send messages indiscriminately.

- Make sure all the care that your load time is the least we can not take any of your site a great time to download it, by reducing the number of animated videos and other things that take time to load.

- Care should be taken also on the simplicity of the design of your site and tell my palm and better than many, and my God.

- Work and awards to outstanding members of the competitions, for example, an e-book Add a link to your site in the winner in the Home and other things that attract visitors.

- Bnrat work for your site and be clear and attractive to the attention of the sites and publish in Maasttat afford it.

- Beware of pop-ups and that bother visiting I personally very disturbed by the sites that I visit when I suddenly show these windows and leave the site immediately.

- To ensure all to ensure that all your pages are tied home page and on every page there is a link to the main page because the visitor when the department entered into a department within the section of your board and wants to return to the main page and find the link feel like lost in a cave.

- Work Group in the name of the site in Yahoo, Facebook, Hotmail, and other topics and to send special participants and signed in the name of your site.

- Took part in the competitions sites of all kinds put your banner and discarded him.

- All the odds to record the name of your site and even spelling errors