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One / Two words .coms and CVCV .coms - Nameslot - 01-18-2016


I am buying:

One word .coms (Has to be dictionary word with proper meaning)
Two words .coms (Only interested if it is a product or service related name. No Hypens and No numbers)
CVCV .coms (All letters welcome as long as they are CVCV pattern.)

Budget: Above $1000.

Please email me at [Image: email.png]

Also please don't send me domains that don't match the above description.


RE: One / Two words .coms and CVCV .coms - Swapnil_A - 01-24-2016


I am Swapnil Ajgaonkar & I have a domain-name that is closely related to income itself & which is:


This site can be about: make maximum profits/gains in intraday trading with our expert picks, forecasts &/or analysis on intraday stocks, commodities, bonds, etc.
This is a valuable domain-name FOR Intraday Traders as:

Firstly it's a simple 2 word .com domain-name which is unique in itself that stands out from most (if not all) the domains on the web when it comes to the stock-market industry & which clearly positions a day-trader as an intraday-expert that his or her visitors/customers should follow & do business with.

Secondly since it's a 2 word .com domain-name, the site owner's visitors/customers can remember it easily.
Thirdly the KEYWORD-SEARCH Factor: Try doing a or search for the words "intraday expert" & you'll see that these exact words will be repeated in most (if not ALL) of the search results. See for yourself, if you want to, go to or & search for the words "intraday expert".

So if an expert intraday trader from NASDAQ or NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) decides to buy this domain-name from me & if I charge him $3000 for it, then I know it's petty-change for him because I know he is as an intraday trading expert who's making good-profits each day from the markets.

So in that sense, this domain can be worth $3000 or more.

However, I understand that you may not be an expert-trader from NASDAQ so I won't be charging you $3000.

So here's what I've decided to do instead:

I'm letting you decide the price that you would like to offer as an 'offering-price' in exchange for receiving the ownership of this domain-name.

So simply send me an email on: [email protected] with your 'offering-price' so that we can take things further & have this domain-name transfered to you.

Assurances to you:

1. Yes, after the successful payment for this domain-name, I WILL transfer this domain-name to you. So do not worry.

2 Yes, I own this domain-name. If you want to verify, then go to & enter this domain-name: into the “whois” search-box (which would be right beside their “Whois” logo) & click on the “whois” button & you’ll see the registration details for this domain-name as:

Registrant Name: Swapnil
Registrant Organization: n/a
(under the “ registrar whois” section)

So do not delay, email me right away on: [email protected]

Date of Domain-Name purchase: 27th Oct 2015.

Contact Details:
Email: [email protected]


RE: One / Two words .coms and CVCV .coms - irfan - 04-01-2017