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Free Domain - Nameslot - 05-11-2006

Hello members,

I have got some domains that I would like to give to our users for free.

He who starts good threads and makes nice posts will get it.

I will also include the site with it. And hosting is free Big Grin

You can sell the domain name and do whatever you like with it.

RE: Free Domain - DomainCat - 05-11-2006

Thank you for doing this for the members, this is very nice of you. I'm sure they will truly enjoy these contests.

RE: Free Domain - Dale - 05-11-2006

Ooo a selection of domain names... sound good. May I ask what type of domain are they and can we have a sneak peak at what ones you have??

RE: Free Domain - Nameslot - 05-11-2006

HE EHEH. I am a domainer myself so please relax they are nice domains and they will get much more then other names that sellfor Low $xx. Big Grin

RE: Free Domain - Dale - 05-11-2006

Ok cool cool, well I better get posting, wouldn't mind a few more under my belt. Smile

RE: Free Domain - Nameslot - 05-11-2006

Yeah sure enjoy yourself.

RE: Free Domain - mann3r - 06-16-2006

was the winner already been declared in this tournament?

RE: Free Domain - Siren Fan - 07-14-2006

When does this free domain thing end? Because I want to post alot since I'm dying to get one. Smile

RE: Free Domain - mann3r - 07-14-2006

oh well, posting a lot doesn't mean you win the contest but rather post a qualitative one and surely admin will pick you up for it. So to be sure just post qualitative post not just saying "I agree". Enjoy your stay here in nameslot. let us make this forum big in domain forum market.

RE: Free Domain - nick - 07-14-2006

I think no one was ever given a free name for this particular thread. So I think this is still on. right?