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Your favourite extension? - electra - 11-25-2011

With new extensions coming up daily, one feels that these are worth he bucks and might turn out to be famous soon. Although they cant compete with .com but still they might become popular enough to begin popping up at DNjournals sales records.

So which is your fav new extention?

mine is .pk, also i am awaiting other cool exts that are in the pipeline, .be is also good but it isnt new

RE: Your favourite extension? - Graeme Jones - 12-08-2011

dot pk is a good looking extension.
My favorite is dot com.

RE: Your favourite extension? - iamjoe - 12-08-2011

mine is dot IN (.in) . It sounds very good and with short name it can be very impressive .

RE: Your favourite extension? - sahaya - 12-17-2011

my favorite extension is .com. its too common and commonly used. i bought one of that extension from

RE: Your favourite extension? - ultimatewebby - 12-23-2011

Mine? My favorite extensions is always the .net since the letters are very easy to find in the keyboard. That is just my opinion, okay?

RE: Your favourite extension? - Quite17 - 12-23-2011

To me,
it must be .com first,
second is .net, because of their common.

RE: Your favourite extension? - fellascarpet - 12-30-2011

Hi every1..
My favorite extension is .com. because it's commonly useful.

RE: Your favourite extension? - shiblee - 01-03-2012

my favorite is *.com and *
Personally I used .com .net .org and .biz also.

RE: Your favourite extension? - Graeme Jones - 01-03-2012

Dot com is most commonly used domain. But I like dot co dot in.

RE: Your favourite extension? - iamjoe - 01-10-2012

The reason why .com is more used is that people uses net for commercial purpose . I think , this can also be the reason why people love .com . Some people don't even know that there are something exists other then .com .